Aesthetician. Web designer. Adventurer and a cool guy, obviously.

FYI, this site is a work in progress. Things will come together soon. Be cool.

You Mad, Bro?

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When people ask me what I do, this is probably what they're looking for. Today is your lucky day. Usually I make up a dumb story about how I'm a garbage man or something.

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Keeping Busy

I'm a big fan of doing stuff. If you like the same stuff, maybe we can be friends.

Scuba Diving
Beer Drinking
Trail Hiking

From Cornfields to Palm Trees

Hailing from Muncie, IN, I tossed some clothes into my Subaru and drove to the Bay after landing a job at ZURB.

Word on the Street

Bro my god, people talk about me ALL the time. Here are some things they might be saying:

Caleb is a man outstanding in his field, and he's also brutally handsome. He's also better than me at Settlers of Catan.

I'm not friends with Caleb anymore because he wouldn't eat Costco hot dogs and drink Coors with me every day.

I'm seeing someone else now. He only smokes electronic cigarettes and will actually watch Grey's Anatomy with me.